The Kings Throne: The Elysian Blade of Truth (The Kings Throne Book 1)

The King's Throne: The Elysian Blade of Truth (The Kings Throne Book 1)

The King’s Throne:

Book I

The Elysian Blade of Truth

One day, as Grys, butler to the king and queen of Aldamanis, is walking through town, a woman appears in front of him. Later on, she appears again in his chambers. She puts thoughts of ruling into his mind as he sleeps, and she is soon appointed court wizard. However, troubles begin to ensue throughout the kingdom as she, Nnelthu Leas, plants the seeds of doubt throughout the land.

“I think it’s high time we bring an end to this charade, my dear.” She effortlessly tossed him into one of the pillars. Alexi drew his sword and charged at her, she caught the blade with her fingertips and gently brought him close. “Something wrong, your majesty? Not feeling well? You can thank Grys for that.”

Live the world of the Faerie; A Fantasy of sword and sorcery, myth, and magic.
Follow the beguiled and betrayed queen; See her quest to restore her husband’s throne.
Find out the secrets of Zan; The Elysian elf and famed master swordsman.
Follow the king and discover his legacy; Read as the king unfolds the truth and finds justice.

“A true magical fantasy story of sword and sorcery and magic and monsters within the world of the Faerie as the beguiled and betrayed queen journeys with Zan, famed master swordsman, and his hellsteed, Nir, to help restore The king’s, her husband’s, Throne.

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