Press Release: The King’s Throne 1: The Elysian Blade of Truth

The Kings Trone: The Elysian Blade of Truth fantasy adventure

First Time Author Releases Their First Fantasy Fiction Novel.


PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, April 17, 2014; First time fantasy author Mealea Mathews has just released “The King’s Throne: The Elysian Blade of Truth. The novel is an adventure fantasy quest on Kindle and in print.

Whilst there are many fantasy books and authors, In the future, the author dreams to join the ranks of best sellers in a difficult genre. To celebrate the release, the author has decided to promote the book through a free promotion for 5 days from April 17, 2014 to April 21, 2014. The book, “The Kings Throne 1: The Elysian Blade of Truth” will be available for download or print from Amazon US (”The King’s Throne 1: The Elysian Blade of Truth”). The book is also available from Amazon UK and CA for English and Canadian readers.

The author’s book  is a rousing fantasy quest filled with magic, adventure, and secrets. It opens in a time of great peace in the kingdom of Aldamanis. The humans and dwarves have forged a prosperous alliance over the years, and King Alexi and Queen Andrea are pure and good rulers. However, when their trusted dwarven servant, Grys, is charmed by an evil sorceress, things start to fall apart, and King Alexi is imprisoned, while Queen Andrea finds herself bound in servitude to the mysterious and volatile Zan, who is on a passionate and dangerous quest to restore a wrong from the past.

“The King’s Throne” sits perfectly in a traditional fantasy genre, while still being fresh and exciting. The action scenes (like a fierce battle with a frost behemoth) keep the plot moving on a scene-to-scene level, while the mystery of the abandoned dwarven city, and the disappearance of the elves as a race keeps your interest in the overall plot.

The author commented, “Whilst I enjoy teaching, writing has been my passion. I’ve always wanted to publish.” They went on to say, “I particularly like fantasy novels, and I’m so happy to be releasing my first book in print. It’s wonderful to hold it in your hands.” They added, “The book took about 4 months to write, proof, and publish. “Then finished by saying, “I know it’s a great story. The characters are strong, and the plot is multilevel. Given the right exposure, this novel could make it as a best seller.”

About the Author

Mealea Mathews is a married teacher from Perth, Western Australia. Mealea is a qualified educational instructor who received a teaching degree in 2007 from Edith Cowan University. Mealea taught for several years, but the passion of writing fiction fantasy was always there. After the birth of the families first child in 2013, Mealea taught part-time and started writing more at home. Mealea’s friends and colleagues encouraged publishing the written stories. As a result, the kingdom of Aldamanis was created through The Kings Throne series.

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