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One day, as Grys, butler to the king and queen of Aldamanis, is walking through town, a woman appears in front of him. Later on, she appears again in his chambers. She puts thoughts of ruling into his mind as he sleeps, and she is soon appointed court wizard. However, troubles begin to ensue throughout the kingdom as she, Nnelthu Leas, plants the seeds of doubt throughout the land.

Cover Choices for Book 1

The King's Throne: The Elysian Blade of Truth

The Elysian Blade of Truth Cover Choices? Choosing a cover is always difficult for me. I got two covers made for “The Elysian Blade of Truth”, but not sure I really like any of them! However, I have two, and I need to choose. I am leaning the more rustic version as seems to fit the book profile a little better. After all the story is about sword and sorcery, a famed master swordsman, the […]