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“An Intriguingly Well-Written Fantasy Novel, March, 2014”

By PippeeLou, Goodreads

“I have to say that “The Kings Throne: The Elysian Blade of Truth” very quickly swept me up in this well-developed fantasy world where royal intrigue, magic, unrest, revenge and destiny meld together to create a uniquely intriguing fantasy novel.”

“Fantasy Full of Adventure, Magic, and Mystery, April 1, 2014”

By E. Lucas, Amazon Verified Purchase

“I would recommend “The King’s Throne” to readers who like quest fantasy that is full of adventure and creates a unique new world, but still has all the elements that make the traditional fantasy genre so enjoyable.”

“The King’s Throne: The Elysian Blade of Truth” is a rousing fantasy filled with magic, adventure, and secrets. It opens in a time of great peace in the kingdom of Aldamanis—the humans and dwarves have forged a prosperous alliance over the years, and King Alexi and Queen Andrea are pure and good rulers. However, when their trusted dwarven servant, Grys, is charmed by an evil sorceress, things start to fall apart—and King Alexi is imprisoned while Queen Andrea finds herself bound in servitude to the mysterious and volatile Zan, who is on a passionate and dangerous quest to restore a wrong from the past.

I really enjoy traditional fantasy—magical kingdoms with elves, dwarves, humans, etc. — and “The King’s Throne” sits perfectly in that genre while still being fresh and exciting. Action scenes (like a fierce battle with a frost behemoth) keep the plot moving on a scene-to-scene level, while the mystery of the abandoned dwarven city and the disappearance of the elves as a race keeps your interest in the overall plot. Zan is a complex character—I wasn’t always sure whether I liked him, or whether his actions were wrong or right—but Queen Andrea is fully likeable; she was brave, and her devotion to her husband and kingdom were strong. It’s nice to see a strong, smart female character in fantasy, as they’re often left out of substantive roles.


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