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The Elysian Blade of Truth Plot

It’s funny how things work out as a writer! The book plot for Book 1 in the series “The King’s Throne” really took a turn when  I started to write. IT CHANGED! The story now is a lot different to the plot and outline that was created. I want to publish the plot here, so my readers can see the difference in story line from the original plot to the final product. The Elysian Blade […]

Cover Choices for Book 1

The King's Throne: The Elysian Blade of Truth

The Elysian Blade of Truth Cover Choices? Choosing a cover is always difficult for me. I got two covers made for “The Elysian Blade of Truth”, but not sure I really like any of them! However, I have two, and I need to choose. I am leaning the more rustic version as seems to fit the book profile a little better. After all the story is about sword and sorcery, a famed master swordsman, the […]