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The Kings Trone: The Elysian Blade of Truth fantasy adventure

The Kings Trone: The Elysian Blade of Truth

Goodreads Fantasy Quest:

The King’s Throne 1: The Elysian Blade of Truth

A fantasy quest for truth and justice

Hey readers, although I’ve posted a short review in my testimonials, I really wanted to put this review by Lucinda: Goodreads, up on show. It is a truly fabulous review which needs sharing, of course, in my opinion. I’m sure after you’ve read the review, you’ll want to buy the book, so there is a link below to Buy with one Click from AmazonRead and enjoy.

I Quote:

By Lucinda
Format:Kindle Edition

The King’s Throne: The Elysian Blade of Truth is a well written debut novel of classic high fantasy genre, containing magical creatures and wondrous worlds. Refreshingly original and exciting, the in-depth world building transports you into a mesmirizingly atmospheric setting of breathtaking vision. Beautifully multi-layered and full of delicious detail, the deftly woven narrative is richly compelling. Any fan of high/ epic fantasy genre will find this scintillating story an engaging, interesting and brilliantly crafted that slots alongside the likes of Terry Brooks or David Farland. Intrigue, revenge and magic merge together in a sharp storyline that’s engaging, highly readable and full of astonishing premise. With bloodthirsty battles, deadly adversaries, wise Wizards and heroic quests this novel really does contain all the elements of a sweeping fantasy!

Simply, this story is about a King and Queen who are deceived by a Wizard (Nnelthu Leaaas) and so the task of re-claiming the throne is set.
Along their momentous journey to the Queen of Fire {wherein the truth about the great legacy is revealed}, the King makes a promise to fulfil his ancestors’ wishes… With a fearless swordsman by their side and a mighty Dragonman they face the Wizard seeking an alternative to mere revenge.

Containing a cast of colourful characters and creatures such as Dwarves, Elves, mortal men and Wizards this all-encompassing tale is of broad scope and magnitude. I was not only fascinated by the mystery surrounding the Dwarven Kingdom and left in wonder as to what happened to the Elves, but entirely enthralled by the detailed background history that the author includes regarding his mightily impressive work. This is an ambitious literary masterpiece that takes you on a thrilling adventure of otherworldly splendour, full on fast-paced and action-packed to keep you glued to the page. Mealea Mathews reminded me of what makes traditional fantasy so powerfully impacting and spellbinding, as I plunged into the most phenomenal world of wonder.

Queen Andrea was a fiery, courageous protagonist who drove the plot forwards and who {similarly to many others} was authentic and full of heart. Mealea’s sharp, vividly evocative and engaging prose made for a memorable experience, which lingers on the mind long after you’ve finished reading. I await with tense anticipation and eagerness as to what awaits in the next instalment within such a promising series, as the author has raised the bar so high with this outstanding first novel.

This startlingly distinct debut is undeniably fantastic, as it exceeded all expectations and so I highly recommend it!

*I would like to thank the author for providing me with an e-copy of their novel to read and review*”


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