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“Long had it been since the rain had fallen with fairness over the ancient capital city of Aldamanis, set within the mountains of Nir, homeland of the dwarves. Longer still since the ancient cataclysm, a horrific monster that had once held those lands in terror, had crawled from the depths of now collapsed dwarven ruins that no longer held life or death within them, merely stone and dust. Ages upon ages since the ancient king had fought an aspect of sorrow. Ages still since his bloodline had all but diminished and lost to the ages there comes a new quest, a quest to save a Kingdom and his charge.”

“Mealea Mathews blends magic, mystery, and excitement around every page in the second installment of “The King’s Throne” series. The realms are faced once again by unrelenting malign forces. The Churnabog has returned from the depths to rein havoc on the Kingdom of Aldamanis and the seven lords. Their only hope lies in one man with a lost past and a bad attitude. Follow our misanthropic hero’s quest as he deals with gods, men, and everything in between while striving to uncover the darkness spreading over the world, as well as his own soul.”

The Kings Throne: The Quest of the Black Swordsman (vol 2)

The King's Throne: The Quest of the Black Swordsman

The Kings Throne: The Quest of the Black Swordsman – Kindle edition by Mealea Mathews. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Kings Throne: The Quest of the Black Swordsman.

Book Number 2 Plot

"The King's Throne" series

Not really sure of the title for my second book yet. It maybe something like “The Tale of the Princess” or “The Princess’s Story”, but i’ll need to do some research. In the mean time I’m post the polt so you can check it out. Leave your comments below for me.   The Kings Throne – ???? 1. She’s a princess from a fictional place. 2. He’s a renowed warrior known for fair play. 3. […]