Book Number 2 Plot

"The King's Throne" series

Not really sure of the title for my second book yet. It maybe something like “The Tale of the Princess” or “The Princess’s Story”, but i’ll need to do some research. In the mean time I’m post the polt so you can check it out. Leave your comments below for me.


The Kings Throne – ????

1. She’s a princess from a fictional place.
2. He’s a renowed warrior known for fair play.
3. He’s hired to protect her, but she sneaks away from her fictional place to a hiding place and becomes a member of staff performing different duties for another nearby kingdom looking for evidence of something about her homeland.
4. He think’s it odd that he was hired to protect her, but she runs away.
5. He goes looking for her, but gets injured.
6. She finds him down the river when she is performing her dialy tasks as an undercover.
7. She takes care of him, speaks about homeland, her suspicions of treason in her homeland, and the princess from where she comes being careful to say it’s not her.
8. She talks about palace life as servant, how resticting being a princess is, she left because she thought something was going on and was woried about her saftey.
9. He gets better while teaching her how to protect herself.
10. He finally kisses her.
11. She overhears a plot about her homeland.
12. She tells him, she leaves without saying good bye.
13. He goes back to the fictional kingdom to talk to the king.
14. When he arrives, he’s introduced to the princess.
15. He’s furious to see her, but she gives a warning look, he obeys.
16. In a private room, he challanges her, she explains she really is the person he met, but needed to know where a warriors loyalties would lie, and what he was like.
17. A coup trues to place, she’s kidnapped
18. He fights to find her.
19. He rescues her, they have to hide through a network of caves or undergound tunnels where no one suspects to find them to get back to the palace.
20. They come together, admit love, but he cannot do anything about it because she’s the princess and he’s not royalty
21. He brings her back to the palace safely, coup was over come thanks to princesses information from undercover.
22. He’s dismissed as the threat is over
23. She’s devastated that he has gone, he’s equally unhappy to abide by his contract and leaves.
24. Something bothers him in the back of his mind until he remembers something about one of the princesses trusted staff members.
25. The coup isnt over yet, he realizes she is still in trouble, goes back to the palace, finds a way in, security breach or secret passage.
26. He finds that she is being held againn along with her father and/or family
27. he calls on a trusted friend to gather his past warrior friends to help him come and free her.
28. He save her, admits loving her, but can’t marry because she is royalty
29. The king says he definitely proven his worth, gives blessing they can be married, and puts him in charge of security as well as changes in palace.


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