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James “JJ” Jackson

Author of the Crime fiction series “Closed Case: British Murder Mysteries”

James Jackson, known to his friends as “JJ”, is a keen reader and viewer of British murder mysteries and crime fiction. James obtained an arts degree in 2001 and a degree in finance in 2005. James is now finalizing his masters in finance. In addition, he is also a certified practicing accountant (CPA).

James is a qualified pilot who flies for recreation, and his interests include both writing crime fiction stories and flying. James has written 4 books based on a young English female detective, Tammy Williams, who investigates and resolves murders. Authors have said, James’s writing style has a way of working through a mystery, much like the old Sherlock Holmes or James Patterson novels. The author lives and works with his family in Perth, Australia.

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Stephen E Dew

Author Stephen E. DewStephen E. Dew, TESOL Instructor and Author, has written 4 books on English essay writing skills for ESL students. The series is titles “Academic Writing Skills for ESL Students” and is available on Amazon US and its subsidiaries.
Stephen E. Dew (1957), is a veteran of 33 years in the Telecommunication Industry from Australia. He obtained an Associate Diploma in Engineering in 1997 and achieved several units towards a Graduate Certificate in Management by 2004. Having relocated back to Perth, after 5 Yeas in Melbourne writing strategic papers for his business unit, he settle in Bedford, Perth and began writing as hobby.

In 2008, he left the Telecommunications sector and traveled SE Asia. He finally settle in Cambodia, where he obtained TESOL qualifications in 2010 and a Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Applied Management in 2011. He now teaches English Academic Writing to Khmer ESL students at a well renowned university in Phnom Penh. Stephen is married and enjoys time with family, teaching, and writing, which are three of his passions.
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