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The Kings Throne: The Elysian Blade of Truth

The King's Throne: The Elysian Blade of Truth (The King's Throne, #1)The King’s Throne: The Elysian Blade of Truth by Mealea Mathews

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The story is basically about a King and Queen in a fictional world who are duped by a wizard. The king is imprisoned, and the queen escapes with aid of a master swordsman. The queen must complete a task if she wants the master swordsman to help find her husband and restore the king’s throne. Meanwhile the king befriends a dragon man, and they escape. They travel to the Queen of Fire, and the king learns of his legacy. The Fire Queen will help them if the king agrees to deliver his ancestors promise. The king and queen finally meet again, and with help of the swordsman, dragon man, and a dragon emperor they fight the wizard and win. The seeks revenge, however, an alternative is agreed upon. It does have a few plots and a couple of surprises.

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